There is a problem in the agricultural value chain. Filipino farmers get the smallest profit share while rendering a majority of the hard work.

Agrabah Marketplace aims to give farmers a higher profit share while providing consumers value for their money and streamlining the process of getting fresh produce from farm to table.

With the assistance of the local government we are realizing this vision. With further help from the private sector, we can scale this project nationwide.

Agrabah Marketplace is a star-up trying to disrupt the Distribution and Sales of agricultural products in the Philippines.

How do we connect the consumers directly to the producers and redistribute a fare profit share to the farmers?

We created a b2b web-app platform that address this issue.

We provide fisherman and farmers with discoverability which means an increase in sales, marketing cost reduction and elimination of vendor-client bias.

On the other hand we also provide consumer’s product cost savings, vendor discovery and analytics.




  • Stable Market Channel
  • Get connected to other farmers to learn best practices
  • Get access to public and private support

Local Business

  • Have an overview of the supply
  • Establish a market standard for quality
  • Gain access to different suppliers in different location


Get access to supply availability and market demand data (Generate Predictive Analytics)

  • Over a period of time
  • Per location (municipal, regional or National)
  • By produce variation


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