Agrabah Marketplace is more than a marketplace, we build communities. We have several ongoing initiatives that will directly impact our society and uplift farmers lives.


Awareness Campaign

The average age of Filipino farmers is 56 years old. Most of the youth today doesn’t see farming as an exciting thing to do or a profitable venture. We want to encourage our youth to engage in farming through the use of social media. We are creating engaging contents that will entice our youth to be part of the farming community.

Unfortunately we don’t have funding to spend in this campaign. We are heavily reliant to our young volunteers but they need support in terms of transportation, equipment and allowance. With your help we can attract more volunteers and spread awareness.



Our farmers are still practicing traditional farming and they need help in terms of technology transfer, equipment assistance, financial literacy and more.

We wanted to have our own immersive training facility where farmers can stay for a week to fully understand modern farming techniques, basic business management and organic farming. We wanted to offer this for free to all farmers and encourage a collaborative community to freely share best practices.

Currently we have some people both public and private offering their lands for the facility, but building and maintaining a facility still costs something. With the help of everyone we can realise this.


Farm Upgrade

The current farming cycle of farmers in the Philippines starts by getting a loan from loan sharks then they have to buy all farm inputs like seeds fertilizers and buy some farm equipment like sprayer, rake, etc. then they have to hire some help during planting. When they harvest the interest is high and they are obliged to sell the produce to the loan sharks at a very low price. The farmers can’t get ahead.

Let’s help break this cycle. We want to conduct soil analysis for the farmers before they start planting so we could determine the exact input needed by the soil for maximized output. We want to help farmers by providing at least some of the farm inputs, seeds and some equipment they can use in the farm. With your pledge you are definitely helping the farmers directly.


For donation and pledges kindly contact us through the form below:


You can donate money, land or in kind (Seeds, Fertilizers, Cultivator, Water pump, Solar Panels, Etc.)